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Every day landscapers are making the switch to Landscape Marketing & SEO to help scale their business and take things to the next level. Take a look at some of our services below.

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You can log into your own client portal to see everything that's being done with your marketing campaign, from traffic sources and advertising to calls generated and more.

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Key Features

  • Ability to see where your traffic is coming from.
  • See what platforms are generating the most traffic.
  • Track your Google Ads campaign.
  • Track your site's movement on Google.
  • See what platforms are generating the most traffic.
  • Track your Google Ads campaign.
  • Send messages to your campaign manager.
  • Check on your Google reviews.
  • Track specific keywords.

Landscaper SEO: Service Overview

Whether you're running a landscaping business, lawn care, arborist, hardscapes, or anything else in the green industry, our landscaping SEO service is designed to produce the maximum results. Here's a brief overview of our search engine optimization services:

Market Research: We start all of our campaigns by finding out what people are searching for in your market. This is a key aspect of landscaping SEO. This is the starting point because it helps us set a foundation for your business.

Page Buildouts: Once we've determined what people are searching for, we build all the pages needed for your search engine optimization.

Page Optimization: We now review all the pages on your website to find the key opportunities that will attract more attention to your site through Google.

Lilou Method: This is one of our proprietary methods of doing landscaping SEO. It involves making your site the most relevant in your market!

Ella Method: This is another one of our proprietary methods for search engine optimization. This involves advanced coding of your website that results in massive improvement in traffic.

Backlinking: This is where we build up the overall authority of your website to help give it an extra boost in Google. Essentially, we find key places on the internet to get mentions of your website, thus building up its overall popularity on the web, along with its overall authority.

SEO Services Summary

Our methods have proven time and time again to generate millions of dollars in business for landscaping and lawn care businesses throughout the US. Please contact us today for more information or a free consultation bout our SEO services!

Marketing Perfection

We pride ourselves in not only being specialists in marketing but also specialists in the landscaping industry. Our process has helped generate millions in revenue for companies across the country.

Marketing Since 2013!

Over the years we've managed to cultivate systems that work and produce extraordinary results.

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