In this post we'll be covering different marketing methods that you can use to get landscaping leads. We're going to cover both free and paid methods that have worked for many landscapers across the country. That said, let's dive right in!

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Free Lead Generation Methods

Below is a list of free ways that you can generate leads for your landscaping business. We're marking the best ways with 🔥 so that you can easily skip to some of the most profitable lead-generation methods:

  • Email your existing clients with an offer to upgrade their services. 🔥


  • When working on one house, knock on doors to let their neighbors know that you're working in the neighborhood and would like to extend an offer to them.


  • Ask for referrals. This is similar to the knocking-on-doors method, but now you've actually been given a recommendation (this is less intrusive). 🔥


  • Add your business to online directory listings. Do a search on Google for directories where you can list your business and add all your contact info.


  • Blog on your website regularly. Not only can this attract new people to your website, but it can also help you show up higher in Google.


  • Post on your social media profiles. Be sure to add pictures and videos of your work so that people can see what you can do.


  • Talk to friends and family. Not only can you get your friends and family to hire your services, but you can also ask them for referrals.


  • Post in local groups on Facebook. There are lots of Facebook Groups that allow people to post content. This is a great way to connect with people in your local market, or even in a market that you prefer to work in. 🔥


  • Network with realtors and developers. This is a great way to get your foot in the door and potentially get large jobs. You can reach out to them on LinkedIn. 🔥

Get Unlimited Leads for One Low Price!

Paid Lead Generation Methods

These methods typically pay out a lot more than most of the free methods and require less of your time. That said, we've also marked our favorites with the 🔥 so that you can easily see which are the most effective.

  • SEO is by far one of the most lucrative methods of marketing that you can do for your business. 🔥


  • Paid email marketing is also one of the most lucrative methods to generate leads. You're essentially getting existing customers to buy more. 🔥


  • Facebook Ads. This is still a great way to generate more customers, but you might find that the cost to acquire a new client is higher than SEO and email marketing.


  • YouTube Ads. Similar to Facebook Ads, you can definitely make an ROI on YouTube, but it won't be the same as email and SEO.


  • Google Ads. We've found these to be better than social media ads. You'll want to make sure that your campaign is set up well and that you have a page that converts visitors into customers. 🔥


  • Sending out mailers. When done correctly, this can be a great way to generate leads. We recommend checking out the book "No B.S. Direct Marketing" for information on effective mailing campaigns. 🔥


  • Google Guarantee (aka Google Local Service Ads). These are highly effective in generating leads. We recommend them to most of our clients. 🔥


  • Yelp advertising. We recommend being cautious with these ads. Many clients have reported having no success with them. If you're in California this might be a good avenue for you to generate leads.


  • Angie's List. Some of our clients have reported having success with Angie's List and other lead-buying platforms. However, make sure to check out whether or not those leads are being sold to other businesses.


  • Thumbtack. This is another lead-buying platform that has worked well for startup landscaping companies. You'll likely compete on price with other landscapers.


  • Retargeting Ads. These are ads that follow people around after they visit your website. They're highly effective as long as you're already getting traffic to your site. 🔥


  • Sign up for your local chamber of commerce or BNI and network with people there.


Bonus Method!


Take up golfing! Sounds crazy? We've had clients close hundreds of thousands of dollars on the golf course, just by meeting new people who can pay for high-end landscaping services.

If you ever wanted to sell a complete outdoor living space, including things like patio pavers, outdoor fireplaces, fountains, and more, just get in front of the people who can afford it while you enjoy a day out on the golf course. 🔥🔥🔥



If you need landscaping leads and you don't feel like becoming a professional marketer, just give us a call or fill out our form for a free consultation. There's a reason why landscapers are making the switch to Landscape Marketing & SEO!