Have you ever wondered what landscapers are doing to land clients that pay $50k, $75k, or even $150k projects?

In this guide, we'll be covering EFFECTIVE and
PROVEN strategies that have helped landscapers land 6-figure deals in the most desirable neighborhoods.

The SECRETS we're revealing in this guide are things you can do TODAY without having any marketing experience! Just pick your favorite method and get started!

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The "OMG" Mailer Method

One strategy that works great for grabbing attention is to send a gift package to your target market.

This has been used by many different
industries to make high-ticket sales, including the financial services industry, the medical industry, and even the legal industry.

The basic concept is to send a gift that's
good enough to make your target customer say "OMG!"

You'll want to have an idea of the types
of services you'd like to sell and to whom.

It would also work in your favor to have
a booklet with high-quality images of
the service you'd like to sell.

Last but not least, it works even better if
you have an irresistible offer that you
can send the person.

Sending a gift to your prospect with a
booklet that showcases your work
might be enough to get you a call.
However, if you can add an irresistible
offer (something nobody else is doing)
you might find yourself closing several
6-figure deals.

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